Is Your Old Septic Tank Draining in Your Yard?

Arrange for a septic system installation in Becker & St. Cloud, MN

If you see bright patches of grass and pooling waste water in your yard, it's time for a new septic system. Wruck Excavating performs septic installations for residential and commercial clients in Becker & St. Cloud, MN.

From installations for new builds to replacements for existing tanks, we've got it covered. We'll even take care of septic system design and repairs, as well as anything else your system needs addressed.

Call 763-262-0871 now to schedule a septic installation or repair appointment.

How to know whether you need a new septic system

How to know whether you need a new septic system

You don't want to be without a functioning septic system, but how can you tell if you truly need a new one? You may need a new septic system if...

  • You're adding a new room to your home that affects the system
  • Your existing system is outdated and needs replacement
  • Your new construction home is in an area without a city water main or sewer

You'll want to make sure that you've got a system that runs smoothly and will last you a long time. Call 763-262-0871 now for a free estimate on a septic installation.